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Lucas Boland

Photographer x videographer. Seattle x Fort Collins. I take my mornings slow and think of most of my good ideas after 2 AM. On the hunt for good stories. Cheers!

Kayak Round Island

Vero Beach, Florida


Backpack to Carrington Hut

Arthur's Pass, New Zealand

11 mi / 350 ft gain

Backpack to the Welcome Flat Hut

Karangarua, New Zealand

11.2 mi / 1378 ft gain

Winter Camp at Nada Lake

Leavenworth, Washington

10.6 mi / 3800 ft gain

Paddle North Flathead Lake

Somers, Montana


Car Camp at Maroon Lake

Aspen, Colorado

0.3 mi / 0 ft gain

Rappel the Kaumira Canyon

Hunters Hills, New Zealand

3.7 mi / 984.3 ft gain

Hike the Rakaia Gorge Walkway

Windwhistle, New Zealand

6.5 mi / 328.1 ft gain

Winter Camp at Glacier Vista

Ashford, Washington

3 mi / 1000 ft gain

Rappel the Granstaff Canyon

Moab, Utah

4.5 mi / -500 ft gain