Relax at Nojoqui Falls

1 Miles Round Trip - 175 ft gain - Out-and-Back Trail

Nojoqui Falls - Search Nearby - Added by Nick Wagner

Head out on a very quick hike to enjoy this 80 foot waterfall. Bring your lunch and snag your picnic table.

Unfortunately, the falls have been inaccessible for a while due to dangerous conditions from a mudslide. Contact the County of Santa Barbara Parks Division for more information.

The falls are a great daytime getaway. Granted it's a quick, short hike, so you won't get the same workout or sweat going from longer trails, but you will get to take in this 80-foot waterfall and relax without too much hassle.

Hit the hike early and once you’re back, grab one of the BBQ pits and a picnic table and relax for the day. If you do want to make a day of it, hit up Solvang Deli just off the 101 exiting onto the 246 to grab sandwiches or something to cook up. Duration: < 1 hour unless you’re staying to BBQ (or eat). 

Photo: Recursos Digitales


Dog Friendly


1 Miles
175 ft elevation gain
Out-and-Back Trail

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Beginners hike

This quick hike is perfect for a beginner. It’s perfect for everyone, young and old. This trail is an easy 30 minutes round trip from the designated parking lot. It actually ends at the waterfall.

Easy, beautiful walk. Stunning falls.

Be sure and do a “listening walk” in the trail. You’ll hear trees whispering in the wind, lots of birds and the creek running over rocks in places. Grab a picnic and eat at one of the tables next to the parking lot.


The falls are closed but they are still accessible if you climb past the small fence that's been put up. The falls are only average right now because of the drought but it's still a nice place to hang out. It can get cold though because it's nearly fully shaded the whole hike (which takes less than 10 minutes either way).