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5 Easy Ways To Add Getting Outside To Your Daily Routine

You'll be glad you got outside today.

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No matter how much you love being outside, it can be easy to forget to make it a priority when you’re lost in the hustle and bustle. Going from car or bus to work or school can be exhausting and make you forget to take the time to stop and smell the roses. Here are five simple ways to make it easier for you to include outdoor adventure in your everyday life.

Hike the Tenderfoot Trail | Photo: Christin Healey

1. Adventure during off-hours

If you’re busy during peak daylight hours, it’s easy to think your window of opportunity for outdoor activities has vanished, but sunrise, sunset, and even night hikes are all great ways to get out there, no matter the time. Going at non-peak hours can also provide you with an emptier trail. Do be extra careful though if you are hiking in the dark – make sure you bring a flashlight, a snack, water, and maybe even a headlamp. Also be sure you know the route you are going on like the back of your hand, as it will be easier to get lost at these times.

2. Let the sunshine in

If you’re an outdoor lover, it can be painful to be stuck inside for long periods of time. Whether you’re slaving away at work or school, being next to an open window is a simple yet effective way of bringing the outdoors in. You’ll have access to fresh air, sunshine, and maybe even a few chirping birds. It will make you feel a little less trapped. That sweet, sweet sunshine will also provide you with some Vitamin D, which will surely up your spirits and make the day go by faster.

3. Find new spots

Chances are you have some great walking trails, a local pond, or a public park located much closer to you than you think. When you realize how accessible these places are to you, it makes adding them into your daily routine much less daunting. A great experience in nature does not require a four-hour car ride and a giant bag of gear; it could be 10 minutes away.

Hike to Donut Falls | Photo: Eric Bennett

4. Join a club

Joining an outdoor sport or nature-oriented club will give you instant buddies to adventure with and also likely have some sort of schedule to adhere to. Making getting into nature a priority for yourself will have huge benefits, both short-term and down the road, and having a group to encourage you to get out makes it that much easier.

5. Get new gear

Having your brand new sneakers by the door or thermal leggings in your closet just waiting to be worn will give you even more incentive to go explore. Wearing fresh new gear will also up your excitement level and maybe even inspire you to go further on your outdoor adventure. You don't need to spend a fortune, but treating yourself once in a while to a new piece of gear can be just that little extra push you need to get out the door before the sun rises.

Hike Fatman’s Loop | Photo: Nick Tort

Regardless of how you get yourself out there, if outdoor activities bring you happiness, they should therefore be a part of your daily life. Once you see how easy it is to incorporate nature and adventure in between the mundane and everyday, you will forget what it was like to save them for weekends or “when you have time.” The time is now. Go explore.

Cover photo: Christin Healey

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