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Discover the historic Cold Sulphur Springs Campground!

Tucked away in the small town of Goshen, Virginia, you will find the Historic Cold Sulphur Springs Campground. This beautiful site is situated amongst the mountains of Virginia, and has the beautiful views that come with the outstanding location. Our grounds accommodate 5 campsites suited for tent camping, and several others appropriate for RV camping. Our site offers access to Cold Sulphur Springs Lake, where visitors can swim, fish, boat, and more. Our secluded location and wooded environment are perfect for a private get-away. In addition to our activities, we offer amenities such as a bathhouse, as well as electric and water hook-ups, and a dump station.


In addition to being a beautiful and serene place to be, Cold Sulphur Springs has a wonderful history that can be re-imagined just by stepping on site. The Historic Cold Sulphur Springs Campground dates back to at least the mid-late 1800s, when it was a large, flourishing resort frequented by travelers from near and far. In it's heyday, the resort bustled with more than 250 guests who often spent entire summers there playing croquet and enjoying orchestra concerts at the hotel dance hall. They would arrive at the Goshen train station and be brought to the resort by horse and buggy, greeted with ice cold lemonade. Those who visited Cold Sulphur Springs, doctors especially, attributed miraculous medicinal benefits to the water, recommending it as a cure for a variety of ailments and encouraging patients to visit.

However, the 1900s brought the onset of World War I and the advent of the automobile, allowing Americans to travel freely to a variety of locations without the need to summer for months at one resort. These factors caused the hotel at Cold Sulphur Springs to lose patrons and eventually meet its demise through fire and other means of destruction.

Today, the grounds provide a simpler kind of hospitality. Cold Sulphur Springs is a place for travelers from all walks of life to camp, fish, swim, boat, hike, and more. While little remains of the old hotel, the historic Spring House is still in tact at the campground, as are some remnants of original building foundations.

We invite you to explore the wonder that is the Historic Cold Sulphur Springs Campground and see the beauty that lies within.


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