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Nice spot for catching the sunset-- going to have to return during the right time of year for some milk way photographs!

Good hike-- you can crush it in 2 hours if you are on a good pace-- straight up and straight down though-- great leg burner

Great place to surf when the swell is up!

It's a hell of a hike. I did the week long backpack through Shepard's pass where you end at Whitney and that trail down is rough. For the day hike your final ascent will be up something around 100 switch backs which is compounded by the lack of oxygen. It's an amazing hike and certainly one worth doing but be extremely wary of the altitude because even just walking at that altitude can be challenging. Make sure you spend a day or two camping at the base to get acclimated to the initial altitude before you head up the extra 6k feet

Catching them dancing in the sky with your naked eye is one of the more incredible things that you can ever witness. Advice for chasing them is to set up a trip where you would have the opportunity to see them but not to plan your trip entirely based on them. I know people who have travelled for two weeks in Norway, basing their entire trip on seeing them, and they never appeared. (Huge let down) You won't have a disappointing trip if you plan a trip to Iceland to see a bunch of amazing things while you are there and giving yourself the opportunity to see them. If they don't show they don't show and you still were able to see some incredible scenery!

Extremely easy access to get to this waterfall and if you are lucky enough you can actually catch a moon bow in the mist if you are photographing it at night! Also would be a great place to try and catch the northern lights!

Cool easy waterfall to photograph but it can be extremely challenging to get behind the waterfall during the winter. I was there in decemeber and the stairs were entirely frozen over and I ended up using extra grips on my boots to climb them. The sign is small as well. I missed it twice while driving and it is next to impossible to see at night!



Lower Antelope Canyon is one of my favorite places in the US and is a must visit for anyone near the area. If you are a photographer with a DSLR I would encourage you to get the photo package that they offer because you can spend around three hours down in the canyon by yourself taking photos. Doing a group tour will make it extremely difficult to get the shots that you want as they take some time to set up correctly. Be wary of the wind at both ends of canyon! The sand can get kicked up real fast and cause havoc on your gear!



This is a great hike and thank you for the information! I did not realize how much of an incline the actual hike was going to be but certainly a worth while experience! I tried it out at night to catch the Northern Lights but I am not sure I have ever been so cold hanging out there for a couple of hours! Will probably stick to a day hike next time I am there!

Thanks for this! Drove all the way to skaftafell and had no idea about this beach until I saw your post! Well worth the drive!

Hiking out using the backpackers trail is an incredible way to view the dunes. The further out you go the better opportunities you'll have for photos! If you are going at a time of the year where you cannot catch the entire sunset I would suggest to camp on the dunes! You can get a permit at the ranger station and just head out with a tent to sleep under the stars!