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Lindsy Dugan

We were lucky to hit this on a weekday early in the morning on our drive from Portland to Bend. Arrived at the trail head about 6:45 am, only a few spaces are available along the highway. There were a few cars but we pretty much had the trail to ourselves. Definitely follow the instructions above and take the loop around the lake, there are plenty of places to get glimpses of the mountain so keep your camera out. We ran into a lot of bugs, may want to pack the bug spray. The lake was calm and the reflections were great. By the time we arrived back at the trailhead at 8:30 the parking lot was full and many more people on the trail.

This was worth the early morning, we stopped and hiked Mirror lake first, but Trillium had a much clearer view of the mountain. Definitely worth a stop even if you are just driving through.

We drove this Sunday February 5th. All the rain has made things unusually green. So many great spots to stop for pictures and got some great GoPro footage. We stopped for lunch in Tortilla Flat. Road is narrow in areas and water is running over low spots in the roadway so just be aware.

This was not my favorite stop along HWY 30, but it is a good stop for a short hike. This one would be good for kids, but there isn't much to explore around the waterfall so I found it anti-climatic.

I hiked here starting at Wahclella Falls on the Trail 420 loop to Multnomah Falls. The trail follows along the creek, the moss was and thick trees was my favorite part. I went later in the afternoon so the crowds were thinning out. There are lots of connecting trails in this area so you can pick out a number of different day hikes. The switch backs above Wahclella Falls was the most significant elevation gain, above that the trail is no longer paved and the trail becomes muddy in spots. It is nice to be able to escape into the wilderness so close to the city. Looking forward to many more hikes in the area.

Fairly easy hike up to another breathtaking waterfall in the region. Quite a bit of mist comes off, bring a cloth for your camera. Also be prepared for major crowds, parking can be difficult on weekends the two lane road that leads along there gets packed with traffic as well. Worth a trip if you go early!

Another popular hike in the area, be prepared for a crowd at the top. The views are stunning and definitely work it if you can get up there on a clear sunny day.

This place is always packed, be ready to wait in line for a parking spot and a photo. Or else avoid the area when With all the fall rain the waterfall is really spewing water. The 4-5 mile loop between Multnomah and Wahclella Falls with Fairy Falls in between.

The lower falls are a short jaunt to from the car, easy for a quick trip height of the waterfall makes for the attraction. Rock formations remind me of Iceland.

We had an excellent day of weather in mid-July, we stopped here after we finished our tour at the Columbia Icefield. This waterfall doesn't have a long dramatic drop but there is a lot of water flowing here. Leave a little time to explore around, the staircases down through the canyon are fun and a great place to get some cool shots if you are lucky enough to escape the crowds. A trail leads all the way down to where the water comes out into a large open blue portion of the river. We explored around the water's edge for a while before continuing our trip to Jasper. There are also multiple vantage points for the falls, hopefully you can find one that isn't too crowded especially in summer months.

The entry fee is £9 a person and you can pay an additional £1 to take the bus and not have to walk from the visitor center to the causeway itself, making it more accessible for any non-walkers in your group. After exploring the causeway for a while, we opted instead of taking the road and sidewalk back to take the trail that leads up to the top of the cliffs. This escaped a large number of the crowds down at the water and allowed us to enjoy the views from above the cliffs and see down on the causeway. There is a couple switchbacks and then a hundred stairs or so to get to the top but after that it is an easy walk back to the visitor center. While waiting for the bus to take us back to Bushmills we walked over to the little shop next to the visitor center and enjoyed an ice cream cone.

We did a day trip from Reykjavik, but even with an early 5 am start, we could not hit all of these. We opted to spend more time at Seljalandsfoss to explore around and find the hidden waterfall down the path that is Gljúfrafoss (info is given in description), and to do the hike to the upper waterfalls at Skogafoss. These were definitely highlights, but we plan to return to Iceland in the future and plan our trip so we do not have to return to Reykjavik each night, it makes for way too much driving. But I am sure as tourism here begins to increase the country will be forced to restrict access to some of these areas to preserve their beauty. At this current time there is great access to all of these beautiful sights I hope it continues to last.

Driving on HWY 1 you can't miss this waterfall it is a clear view from the road. We were lucky enough to get their early in the morning on a sunny day in mid-June and have the place to ourselves for 30 min or so. We definitely went all the way around Seljalandsfoss, bring a rain jacket and towel for your camera and get the full experience! It was well worth it!! We continued down the path along the left of the waterfall that leads over the stream and down a short distance you can barely view the top of a waterfall find the stream that runs away from it and slip between the rocks there, step carefully you can avoid getting your feet wet, but once you are inside to see Gljúfrafoss you will get soaked, but it is totally worth it! The rocks inside are covered in great green moss and the waterfall looks like it is almost dropping right on you. For at least a little while it will be less crowded that the main attraction.

We skipped the long walk to the crashed plane due to poor weather and limited time on our day trip along the south coast. After grabbing lunch in Vik we headed to Reynisfjara and Dyrholaey. Both were very cool to walk around and explore. Lots of great picture opportunities! Reynisfjara has a cave (some call it the tetris cave) with unique hexagon shaped rocks (these unique formations are only found a few places in the world, one being Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland). Plus the black sand beaches provides and excellent area to walk around and explore. The nature preserve at Dyrholaey was also cool, it started to rain on us so we didn't stay long but there are lots of rocks to go out and climb on, but there are wind warnings and it can be dangerous on the slippery rocks with high waves crashing onto them. Watch close if you take children with you.

Once you get up all the stairs that lead up along the the side of Skogafoss, about halfway up there is a little path over to the left that provides a better view of the waterfall than the top lookout in my opinion and a great place for a photo op! There is a little makeshift ladder that leads you over the small sheep fence. And the trail is clear and easy to follow. There are great views of the smaller waterfalls above the main attraction. We followed the trail until we got hungry and decided to turn back. The trail looks like it continues on for quite a distance so you could definitely extend your trip will past the 3 miles that are listed here.

This was our middle stop on the Golden Circle, we began at Thingvellier National Park and continued on to the waterfall here at Gullfoss. Up above from the parking lot to the upper lookout it was incredibly windy, but once we dropped down the stairs and down the trail that leads closer to the waterfall, it was comfortable. There are many great picture opportunities along the way! And make sure that if you can you walk all the way up close to the waterfall and take in its power. As with all the other stops there is a gift shop that provides good shelter from the weather for a bit to browse before continuing to the next location.

As stated, it is worth the cost of the gondola up to the Skytram. I have not yet done the one in Banff to be able to compare. There is a guide in the gondolas so on the way up there is a narration to get an idea of what is around. The staff was friendly and our time on the Skytram was enjoyable. We were lucky enough to hit this on a day full of blue skies so the views were spectacular. Bring a jacket though it was very windy up there. The hike is a bit steep to the summit but the panoramic views are worth it. We saw a few marmots on our way up. Plan to spend some time up there so you can hike to the top and sit down and enjoy the views, there isn't a specific limit on the amount of time you can stay up there so enjoy it and definitely to not rush this part of your trip in Jasper.

Do not miss this gem if you are in the area. We stopped here for an extended period and just marveled at its beauty. Nothing can compare to its blues with the peaks behind it. The water level was high, mind you there is a path that leads to the top of the rocks for a good view point, we followed the tourists that were crossing the logs and scaling the rocks... there is a much easier way. The path that leads along the lake shore is also great. I will definitely be returning to this area for future hikes.

This is an absolutely breathtaking drive with so many adventures along the way. We did the entire drive from Banff to Jasper in a single day and pushed the first part to arrive at the Columbia Icefield early afternoon to do the glacier walk tour. I wish we had taken more time and hit all of the stops along the way. We only stopped to explore Bow Lake and Peyto Lake, and a few lookouts before arriving at the the Icefield. But looking back I wish we would have taken advantage of the great weather and stopped more and done some of the short hikes along the way. We continued on from the Columbia Icefield tours and headed to Athabasca Falls, another busy place but do not miss the views here and leave yourself time to explore. We had planned to camp near Jasper but by the time we arrived all campsites were full and most hotels as well, better planning for next time!

We enjoyed the regular boat tour July 22nd and were rewarded with absolutely beautiful blue skies. The drive from Jasper to Maligne Lake is over an hour, give yourself plenty of time so that you can stop along the way to check out wildlife and other sights you encounter along the way. We booked the tickets in advance and luckily because by the time we arrived at the lake there was over a 5 hour wait for an available boat. The tour takes about 1.5 hours, a 35 min ride out to the Spirit Island lookout, 15 min or so off the boat to walk the small loop and take pictures, they do not allow access out onto the island, and after boarding another 35 min back to the docks. I recommend sitting out back on the boat if the weather permits there were many great picture opportunities then as well. There also trails around the lake to explore if you arrive early or have to wait for a tour. If you are in Jasper I wouldn't miss this adventure (people in canoes and kayaks also looked to be having an excellent time).

Drove Icefields Parkway from Banff to Jasper July 21st, we enjoyed excellent summer weather and blue skies. Getting an early start to be out in front of crowds we arrived to an almost empty parking lot about 7:30 am. Just over an hour drive from Banff very scenic along the parkway. The trail is easy and paved up to the lookout. We were initially discouraged by the large number of people at the lookout we could not get a clear view of the lake, but just be patient the tour buses do not stay long and we were able to have the lookout too ourselves before the next bus arrived.

Luckily this spot is still not common knowledge to the thousands of people on the Johnston Canyon trail daily, used the directions here to find the cave easily. It was nice to enjoy our lunch and snap pictures without the elbowing up above at the upper and lower falls. There were only a handful of people hanging out around down here when we arrived. If you are hiking at Johnston Canyon, do not miss this gem!

Hiked the Teahouse Challenge July 19th, the weather was pretty good, a little rain at times but not too hot. Definitely get there early, the lake shore is very busy but do not be discouraged the crowds thin the further you are willing to hike more of a moderate to difficult load for the day. Food at both teahouses (Lake Agnes and Plain of Six Glaciers) were excellent, staff was friendly, but be willing to wait for a seat during the middle of the day. We started from the lodge and headed up to Lake Agnes teahouse first, stopping at Mirror Lake before arriving at Lake Agnes, follow the trail along the lake shore and head up to Big Beehive the views are definitely worth the effort to get up there. Switchbacks can be steep at times, we stopped for snacks at the top of Big Beehive which as amazing views of Lake Louise down below, taking the Highline Trail we continued down and across and back up to Plain of Six Glaciers tea house. Running into almost no one until we hit the Plain of Six Glaciers trail which was a nice change from the crowds. We were not in the greatest shape, being former student athletes, but we completed the approximate 15 mile hike in about 10 hours (we took time to take lots of pictures and enjoy hour plus long stays at each tea house). Much recommended for a solid day trip if you feel up to it, but either tea house provides on its own provides an excellent hike for all ages.

The Golden Circle is an easy day trip out of Reykjavik. This is the middle stop between Þingvellir National Park and Gullfoss the spectacular waterfall. It is a busy parking lot with lots of tour buses. It is a short walk once you fight your way through the cafe and gift shop across the road to the geyser. There a plenty of people standing around Strokkur so you definitely won't miss it. There are a number of other pools of various size and color to look at, but we spent most of our time watching the geyser. There is a higher point that you can walk up to, seems to be about a half mile that would provide a decent look out of at least a 270 degree view point, but we opted to skip that part although many continued down the trail. The food in the cafe seemed to be interesting, but we wanted to get away from the crowds and drive on further. We drove a little out of our way based on a recommendation from a local for lunch at Friðheimar a tomato farm that has excellent homemade tomato soup and bread. It is all you can eat with unlimited water, coffee and tea as well included in the price. They do close at 4 pm, but let us stay longer. They have a few other drink and food options but the soup and setting was a fun and unique experience.