Outbound Reviewed: Why I Never Leave Home without My PackTowl

I never realized I needed this until I got one. Now I never leave town (or even my house, really) without it.

By: Liam McNally + Save to a List

Whether it's camping or backpacking, climbing or surfing, post-swim or right in the middle of yoga, this personal towel from PackTowl has become my accomplice nearly every single day since I got it. As I write this, I have one packed in my bag to take with me to a yoga class.

I love to try to squeeze in fitness and outdoor activities in between work or travel. When I'm on a road trip or in the office, going for a run doesn't seem to appealing if I'm going to jump back into things still covered in sweat. But who wants to carry around a bath towel? The PackTowl Personal has solved that problem for me and then some.

Here are a few qualities that made this thing so easy to add to my favorites:

  • It's soft to the touch and ultra-absorbent. 
  • The dry time is pretty unbelievable...it'll be ready to pack up and store fully dried after 10 minutes or less in the sun.
  • The colors and prints are fun and colorful, but not too loud.
  • The towel features an antimicrobial treatment that helps fight funky smells building up over time if you're using it on multiple occasions without washes in between (traveling, camping, or just being late on laundry like I usually am).
  • With multiple size options, you can pick one or a combination of towels that work for your lifestyle.
  • It's super small and especially packable with the included zippered baggie. Storage in your travel bag, backpacking pack, or work bag is no problem.

Like I said, I never really thought a travel towel was something I needed until I tried it. Now that I've been using PackTowls for a few months, I know they'll always be on my everyday adventure and travel pack list. 

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