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Outbound Reviewed: BioLite's HeadLamp Is Unbelievably Comfortable

The first headlamp we've tried that doesn't bounce around on your forehead when you pick up the pace.

By: Liam McNally + Save to a List

To be honest, I've never really met a headlamp I didn't like. I've been known to rock the 7$ Walmart special from Ozark after realizing halfway through a drive to the campsite that that I forgot my Black Diamond Spot (my typical go-to). Sure, the Ozark headlamp gets the job done as far as ensuring that I can make my way around camp after dark, but if we're talking about climbing, trail running, night biking, or long trips into the backcountry, I always opt for a higher quality piece. 

However, there is one complaint I've had about virtually any headlamp I've tried in the past: when running or making quick movements of any kind, the bouncing of the headlamp on your forehead can sometimes be unbearable. Enter the BioLite HeadLamp.

The key element to success for this headlamp is BioLite's proprietary 3D SlimFit Construction. The battery pack is located in the back of the head strap, leaving a slim, low-profile light on your forehead. It feels more balanced on your head and the fabric touch is noticeably more pleasant than the hard plastic parts that connect the strap to the actual lamp on most other models.

BioLite has covered all the most important features for me with full brightness control, spot/flood, strobe, and red night vision. And at 330 lumens, that's more than enough to get me through any adventure in the dark. The articulation is super smooth and once you learn the system, it's easy to alternate between modes.

It should burn 3.5 hours on full brightness and 40 hours on low and as long as you've got some sort of USB portable charging device with you (which BioLite is probably counting on), you'll be fine if you wear down the battery. 

BioLite's HeadLamp is available for preorder now. 

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