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10 Photos That Will Make You Want to Drop What You're Doing and Head to Bolivia

Take the time to visit one of South America's most underrated countries and you will not be disappointed. From towering mountains to endless desert to expansive salt flats, Bolivia has it all.

By: Lauren Schusterman + Save to a List

When I was planning my trip to South America, I was looking for places that would allow me to pursue a variety of outdoor adventures. As I was looking at a map my mind flashed back to pictures I had seen of the of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia and I began to do more research. While Salar de Uyuni may be the main tourist destination in Bolivia, it was immediately clear that there was so much else to see and do. I convinced a friend to join me and several months later we were on a plane. We hiked mountains over 17,000 ft, climbed rock formations in the desert, and photographed flamingos in brilliantly colored lagoons. We were only there for two short weeks and I could have easily stayed at least two more.

In addition to its natural beauty, Bolivia is great because it has WAY fewer tourists than most of it's more popular neighbors. I was amazed that we had many of these beautiful places all to ourselves. I truly don't know how Bolivia isn't more popular, but I highly suggest that you hop on a plane and go before everyone else finds out about how breathtaking it is. Enjoy!

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