Explore the Salar de Uyuni and Bolivian Altiplano

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Spectacular experience on the world's largest salt flat combined with wonderful views of volcanos.

One of the most spectacular outdoor activities in Latin America: Driving across the Salar de Uyuni! However, this is only possible as a guided tour...

Day 1:
Arrive in Uyuni, not the most appealing town to be found on this wonderful planet. It is highly recommendable to organize a tour just when you arrive, so you do not get stuck there. Talk to one of the innumerable tour guides offering their services, they pretty much provide the same quality, make you stay at the same places, etc. Bargaining can help a tiny bit here but prices are pretty much fixed.

Once you figured out the tour, wait for a few minutes until your transportation (most probably a Toyota Land Cruiser) pulls up, you and the other group members (they fill up the cars if possible) cramp yourselves into the vehicle and lets go.

The first day takes you across Salar du Uyuni, the largest salt flat in the world . Spectacular views are guaranteed. Pass by the Hotel de sal - a hotel entirely made from salt - and spend your day mesmerized by the abstract place. Depending on the season, there will be water on the lake, creating spectacular reflections. The night will be spent at the coast of the lake, if you're lucky even at a hotel made from salt.

Day 2:
A lot more driving. You leave the salt lake and drive across the Bolivian Altiplano, enjoying perfect views of the volcanos and lakes. Stop at "Arbol de Piedra", a rock formation looking like a tree. Finally, after seeing the laguna colorada, you stop at a small inn, sleep (not very comfortable and not for long).

Day 3:
Last day of the tour. Get up very early (5.00am), hop into the car and leave for the Geysers, which you can then enjoy in the light of the rising sun, just disturbed by a lot of other tourists. The final stop is a thermal pool just besides a huge magnificent lake.

The tour ends with your operator either dropping you off at the Chilean border, from where you are transported to San Pedro de Atacama or you are taken back to Uyuni.

This adventure basically is spent in the car all day, but the views make it extremely worth it

Pack List

  • Warm clothes (it gets extremely cold at night)
  • Water bottle + a lot of water
  • Sun glasses
  • Flip-flops
  • Camera
  • Sun screen
  • Snacks
  • Altitude sickness medicine
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