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9 mile out-and-back ride with at 60ft climb. Great trail for beginning mountain bikers and for family rides. Duration: 1.5 hours.

Well if you start at Banner Lava Cap and Gracie Roads then you will see the canal at the top of Gracie Rd. Hop onto the berm of the canal and head north {upstream}. The trail is dirt and about 4 ft wide in the beginning and widens to 6 to 8 ft for most the way . Continue upstream on the canal and in .3 mile you will pass through a gate that has a walking access that’s too tight to get handle bars through. At .7 miles you come to another gate that has a trail around it on the left. A short distance later you come to a view spot with great views of Nevada City and the surrounding hills. Continuing on at 1.7 miles you come to a pipe across a ravine. Hikers walk across the pipe but biker’s will want to continue up the trail around to the other side of the Banner Ravine instead, to ride around the pipe. {This is the Banner Mountain Trail Rd. and is another access point.} After passing that pipe you come to another pipe at 2.5 miles. You can either cross the pipe or drop down and cross the Little Deer Creek. The catwalk across the pipe is narrow and you will need to walk your bike upright on its back tire to walk across. After the last pipe there is a few more miles before you come to the access gate on Red Dog Rd. It’s time to turn around unless you are dropping down to Nevada City. If you do a round trip on the canal you will have had a 9 mile ride. Source


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Nice beginner trail

This is a well groomed trail, in that it is consistently the same width and fairly flat the entire way. It’s runs along a water canal (the community’s water source), is surrounded by trees, and tends to be pretty quiet. There are a few areas where you will find yourself behind people’s houses, but I’ve never seen anyone outside of them. Dogs (on leash) are allowed on the trail, but very often runners will have their dogs off leash, so you have to know that’s always a possibility. It’s a great trail for running. It’s a beginner trail for biking.

Cody Capella

almost 4 years ago

Great Trail for Biking and Running

I run and bike on this trail pretty frequently; it's nice and flat for most of the way and has some really great views, too. There's also a narrower trail that forks off from the main one along the ditch, called the Orene Wetherall Trail, which is narrower and steeper but more scenic, too. Overall great for a quick run or bike ride where you can get in some good distance, too.

Very fun trail, great views and a good way to explore Tahoe.