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This underground lava tube is 1/3 of a mile long but the pure darkness makes it quite the adventure and makes it feel so much longer. The average temperature of the cave is 46 degrees. Complete darkness no matter what time of day, so you will need a flashlight, headlamp and/or a lamp. This is a self guided tour just follow the signs that are throughout the cave for you to discover.

The Subway Cave Lava Tube is located at Old Station in the Lassen National Forest. About 26 miles south of Burney, CA. If coming from the North, it is on Highway 89 (Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway) on your left right before Highway 44. If coming from Redding, about 60 miles away, you would enter the park on Highway 44 and head North. The Subway Cave Lava Tube will be on your right, right after the Hwy 44 road junction.  When the junction come up, stay on 89, about half a mile (.05 mi), the driveway is on your right. There is a parking lot. During the autumn and the winter the gate to the parking lot is closed because of snowfall and the difficulties of snowplowing. You can still park right outside the gate and walk the rest of the way to the cave. This is a self guided tour, so you go at your own risk. 


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Old Station, California

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Old Station, California

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Exhilarating short hike through a lava tube.

Walking through this cave was very thrilling. The fact that it is a self guided tour and pitch black made it exhilarating and feel way much longer than it actually is. A huge plus. A true little gem in the middle of Lassen National Forest. Family friendly.