Soak in Trego Hot Springs

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Hot spring perfection in one of the most beautiful, remote, and desolate places in the United States

Trego Hot Springs resides on the southeastern edge of the Black Rock Desert just off of County Road 49 aka Jungo Road, about 17 miles from the small town of Gerlach, Nevada. Jungo Road is rugged and unmaintained, and as an alternative approach one can cut across the Black Rock Desert from County Road 34 to the north to the railroad crossing near the hot spring. 

Note that the desert *and* the turnoff and parking area near the hot spring may be inaccessible if there has been recent rain.

The large, muddy, silty Y-shaped pool has two major inlets and temperatures fluctuate depending on your location in the pool, though it is straightforward to find a temperature to your liking. 

Always practice caution and check the temperature before entering the pool. There are parts of the hot spring which will scald.

Accordingly to Nevada law, camping is allowed 300 feet or more from the hot spring and there several nearby firepits. There are no services of any kind at the hot spring.

Please practice the principles of Leave No Trace and pack in anything you bring along with cleaning up any trash that other people may have left, as the area is unmaintained.


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