Kevin McAlpine

    First Backpacking Trip

    My buddy and I backpacked this trail while including Emory Peak in mid May. Took us about a day and 5 hours to finish it. It was not too bad, but the hardest part was carrying all your water. There is no water on the trail. At first, your pack will kill you, but will get lighter as you consume more water. I brought 2.5 gallons. I ended with half a gallon. Going on, the trail itself starts off hard as you start gaining elevation, but eases a bit. The view from the South Rim is amazing. One thing is that you most likely will be there by yourself, so the secludedness is cool. As for out campsite, we took BC4. I would recommend BC1 or BC2 if you plan to camp in this area. BC4 is kind of small and maybe .25 or so miles away from the trail. BC1 is right off the trail.

    Relatively easy trail for an amazing view!

    My buddy and I did this trail in roughly an hour and 45 minutes while taking photos at the Window for 25 minutes. We did this on a Sunday evening and we met only one couple at the Window. After a few minutes, we had the entire sight to ourselves. If you go to Big Bend, don't skip this trail. I heard sunset is popular and an amazing view.

    Listen to me...go in the water and take it all in!

    I went here in mid may for sunset. Let me tell you, the water was like bathwater and the sunset was the best spot I've ever witnessed. You can either hike farther down to canyon or walk in the water and go down the canyon. I walked in the water. It's about knee deep with some deeper spots. It's also very muddy at first, but the ground becomes harder the farther you go. If you go here, grab a pair of sandals, walk to the water, take them off, and walk far and take it all in! Amazing! Best spot at Big Bend!

    Emory Peak while hiking South Rim Trail

    My buddy and I did the South Rim Trail and ended up adding Emory Peak to our backpacking trip on the 2nd day. Very happy with our decision. When you climb to the top, you think that's it, but there is actually a steep, rocky wall you can climb up to reach the highest peak. It's sketchy, but worth it. You will see 360 views of the entire park!