Kelsey Lynne

My Favorite Trail In Colorado So Far!

I did this trail with a group of girls as an overnight backpacking trip and it was so gorgeous! There are waterfalls and river crossings along the way and it opens up into a big meadow with jagged peak views. We camped in the cascade area as we had a group pass then hiked the rest of the way to mirror lake and then crater lake and hung out to enjoy the views! A little snow on the last 1/2 mile but not bad. Totally amazing place!

Gorgeous And Peaceful Right On The Colorado River

My mom and I camped here one night on our road trip from Phoenix to Denver. We were able to snag a spot around 6pm on a Sunday evening. The spot is right on the river and is only about a 15 minute drive from the entrance to arches national park. It was super windy the night we were there which was a bummer but other than that it's awesome!