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Karter Machen

Took a nice two day camping/fishing trip up here and got some really great pictures of the falls! It’s right off of the road so there is no hiking but there are trails above the falls that lead to small lakes that you can go explore. There was quite a few people there so I don’t think it’s as secret as everyone says it is. There was a lot of kids in the water so it is a nice place to stop for the family to go do some swimming.

Started our hike at 8:15 in the morning and made it back to the car at 3:30 in the afternoon. My only piece of advice is when you pass the first stagnant lake you stay far left and find and follow the rock stacks. We stayed close to the river and walked the the swampy and uneven grass. It was great hike and very rewarded finally making it up to the lake.

Did this hike on June 10th and there was still a lot of snow! Was a pretty easy hike and not too hard or technical. We crossed the snow at the top to get to the caves and water fall but the snow made it almost impossible to get up into the cave. The snow made it a really cool hike but I would suggest going later in the summer so you are able to get up to the falls. Do be aware of the wild life. We did see some deer but on our hike out of the canyon we noticed that there was set of small wolf or maybe large coyote tracks that had followed us in since we were the only hikers that were in the area that day. A really great and I am definitely returning later in the season.

Thought it was going to be a little more difficult to get to but you can drive right up to it. We didn't cross the river. If you keep driving up to granite hot springs you can cross up there and stay dry then take a quick 15 minute walk back down the river to get on the other side. No need to do that in the summer though. The Falls are beautiful and are definitely worth the view. As for the hot spring itself, it's very small and looking at from across the river you won't think it's anything. 4 us soaked are feet and it would have been a little crammed if we all got in. Highly recommend going.