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Enchantment in Santa Fe County at the Godless' Filming Locations

With several Emmys and near-universal critical acclaim, here are the gorgeous filming locations of Godless in New Mexico and Colorado.

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Dark yet inspiring, the visually stunning Godless is filled with sweeping panoramas of untamed landscape that is just as much a part of the story as the characters that fill it. Filmed primarily at Santa Fe Studios in Santa Fe New Mexico, it also featured some gorgeous locations across Santa Fe County and in the southeastern San Juans in southern Colorado. 

Diabo Canyon, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Located northwest of Santa Fe near the Rio Grande River, Diablo Canyon was where Frank's men chased Roy Goode, in addition to being the backdrop of some of the train heist shots.

San Cristobal Ranch, near Lamy

San Cristobal Ranch south of Santa Fe near Lamy was the site of both the town of La Belle (now a ghost town with only one building remaining) and Alice Fletcher's ranch.

Photo courtesy of Ursula Coyote/Netflix

Rio Chama near Abiquiu

A major tributary of the Rio Grande and the setting of several scenes in the series, the Rio Chama is also a great river for kayaking and white water rafting.

Photo courtesy of Beheld

Jemez Pueblo

The town of Jemez Pueblo is named for the pueblo at the center of the town and the red rock walls that surround it were the settings for Frank Griffin's gang hideout.

Creede, Colorado

While the town itself was largely re-created and filmed in the studio (and the backdrop of the initial massacre that sets up the entire series), the town of Creede is real and the replica was intended to be as historically accurate as possible. The area itself, set in the eastern San Juans on the border with New Mexico, is breathtaking beautiful (and home to some amazing waterfalls).

Photo courtesy of Jason Hatfield

Bonus Location: Big Sur

The epic final shot of the series is a sweeping crane shot that pans to Roy overlooking the rugged California Coast. In the series it is referred to as "Atascadero", which is actually about 30 minutes inland from the coast and about an hour from what could be considered "Big Sur". 

The location itself appears to be on private land owned by the Packard Family (of Hewlett-Packard fame), just below Nepenthe near Castro Canyon. Being private land, access is prohibited, but a road trip along the central coast is always a good idea.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

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