Jonathan Cable

Fun with the Family

Went on this hike on Father's Day 2018, with wife and two kids (15 and 12). This was a great adventure for the family. Due to recent washout of the trail, there were five river crossings. All were adventurous and not at all dangerous. Crossing #1 is about a mile in. The first four were not marked and leave your water shoes on for the hike between the four. Of the first four, the only tricky ones were #2 and 3 which was the washout bypass. For #2, you will hike to it with the river on your left; go until you reach a junction (a few hundred feet from #1) with a boulder in the middle of the right branch; this is where you will descend and cross the river. The path will be clear on the other side of the river. With the river now on your right, the path is super rocky (only a few hundred more feet) and will lead you to the river bank again. The path on the other side will not be clear but just cross and find an opening on the other side and go up the bank to the well beaten path and just trust that it's there. Crossing #4 is a short hike more and obvious again. This is where we wished we waited to put our hiking boots back on, instead of changing our shoes two times prior. Crossing #5 was about a half mile or so from #4 and just a bit up past the swimming hole. It was marked with bright green tape hanging from trees which show you where to go. Leave your water shoes on because you just made it to the falls and, yes, it was well worth the adventure!