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John Chau

W-EMT at Whiskeytown, soccer coach, and adventurer - making the most of every opportunity that comes my way. Check out my blog at: theruggedtrail.wordpress.com. If you need a guide, email at: johnachau@gmail.com!

Hey gang, for all future hikers who choose to conquer this scramble, PLEASE pick up your trash and any other trash that you might find out there. It's extremely disheartening to come back to a place that I love and find toilet paper, granola wrappers, and babywipes scattered around. Also, please do not carve your names, slogans, or anything whatsoever into the rocks along the northeastern ridge (or anywhere else for that matter). Thanks! -John Chau

Did this twice - one as a yo-yo and the other just backpacked in to Big Flat and relaxed for a couple days. The LCT is such a rad place! Saw whales, otters, sea lions, bear (tracks), foxes, turkeys, deer, jackrabbits, snakes, western fence lizards, and a whole host of birds. Definitely a place to go to see wildlife. Go in March-Aprils to see the wildflowers!

Watch out for the tide! Definitely one of my favorite places on the LCT, although hiking this southern section before Miller's Flat is honestly the worst section to hike (difficulty-wise!).

Sweet place to hang out, camp, and watch the waves roll in. Yes, there is a No Camping sign, but there were some locals camping there when we arrived who told us that it was fine. Surf conditions were unfortunately poor but the view was great and it was a rad spot sleeping in the sand by the ocean.

Did it as an overnight with some friends the day before a big snow storm was predicted to hit. We geared up and sure enough, 3-5 inches of snow was on the ground in the morning. This hike is awesome with the fall colours and winter snows!!

Great place to hang out, swim around, and jump at! Tried helping a pal put up a first ascent of the wall to the right of the falls but wasn't able to - the rock was crazy loose.

Definitely one of the best places to climb at in Tulsa!

Hiked up in a rainstorm and got dumped on with snow while up there. Great place and rad views. Only downside is the popularity of it, but if you're looking for more of a less-popular adventure in the area, snowshoe around the lake and check out Chair Peak Lake.

Explored all over the place here and grabbed Clam Chowder at the restaurant right down the street from the parking lot. Lots of beginner surfers on the south side. Took a little while to find the path down to the north side but well worth the walk.

Scenic views and tons of history make this place a fun site stop at along the Oregon coast!

Cannon Beach is definitely a gem! Went here on a recent trip to the Oregon Coast and loved it

Great place to surf on the Oregon coast, scenic and absolutely brilliant. Great vibes and friendly folk.

Stopped by here during a cross-country roadtrip and enjoyed hiking around and along the hot springs. Had a hard time finding where we were allowed to camp and where we weren't after setting up camp and having some people tell us it wasn't allowed (there's a fish hatchery that seems off-limits, the geologic site itself which says "No Camping", and some fenced areas along the creek), so we eventually just drove over to Convict Lake and camped up at Mildred Lake.

Great spot, went in from the Fossil Springs Trailhead (4 mile hike down the closed FR 708) and camped downstream from the Fossil Creek Bridge. Hiked back out the next day and stopped by the falls - had the place to myself at 6am. Great swimming hole. Pity that there is quite a bit of trash lying around on the trail.

Awesome place - grab a detailed topo map and find some of the hidden, off-trail falls.. they're totally rad!

Epic hike!

Get's pretty crowded during the summer/fall...seems like everyone wants to climb the log jam at once. Dope place though!

Mosquitoes are horrible during mid-July! Definitely go around late August!