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5 Benefits Of Getting Outside And Exercising Every Morning

Get out of bed, go outside, and move your body. You won't regret it.

Whether you’re the type who bursts from the sheets like Superman out of a phone booth or the guy or gal who hits snooze so many times you’re not really sure what day it is, getting outside every morning for an energizing dose of exercise is a great idea. Here are five reasons you need to get your keister out of bed early enough to get your sweat on outside.

1. Get Your Dose of Outside to Get You Through the Day

There’s nothing worse for those of us who love the outdoors than spending our days locked up inside like a caged animal. Even if you’re currently on a hunt for your dream outdoor job, you still have to deal with the daily grind of your nine to fiver. Getting outside for an hour or so first thing in the morning will at least make the rest of your day more tolerable.

2. It’ll Wake You Up and Get You Ready for the Day

Sometimes mornings can be a real B, but morning exercise can help lessen the effects and get you ready for whatever the day brings. Getting your blood pumping right off the bat (once you drag yourself out of bed) will help you stay more focused and alert throughout the rest of the day, no matter how boring your job may get.

Photo: Jason Hatfield

3. Destress Before Work

Work has a tendency to stress us out, so getting a jump on said stress by working up a sweat in the A.M. isn’t a bad idea. Exercising outside is a double whammy when it comes to stress reduction. Exercise itself gets those feel-good endorphins (chemicals released by the body following specific types of stimuli that reduce your pain perception and boost your mood) pumping through our bodies. Add a little dose of nature and you’ve found yourself a bona fide way to fight stress, depression and anxiety – at least that’s what the science says.

4. Soak up the Quiet

We are constantly inundated by noise and stimulation from our busy surroundings and gadgets. Aside from getting out on your nearest mountain trail (which is the first thing you’re doing Saturday morning), beating the crowds and commotion out the door first thing in the morning is your best bet to enjoy a little peace and quiet. Most people are still snoozing away in their cozy beds, giving you run of the place.

5. Save Water

Lastly, getting outside for a workout first thing in the morning will save water. How? By the simple fact you only have to shower once, rather than soaping up before work and then again after your sweat session (unless you’re one of those people not really into personal hygiene, than this point is moot). I’m always up for helping out the planet – and my utility bill.

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Cover photo: Jason Hatfield

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