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Hike to Arrowhead Lake

Yosemite / Duck Pass Trailhead

If you make your way to the Goldwater Campground there is plenty of parking. The trailhead you take leads to many lakes but the Duck Pass trailhead is the on you want to take.

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Photograph Lake Mary, Mammoth Lakes

Yosemite / Lake Mary

Lake Mary is the largest of the 11 lakes in the Mammoth Mountain area. Explore the lake’s perimeter and find your own perfectly peaceful place to watch one of Mammoth’s signature stunning sunsets.

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Hike to Pear Lake via the Lakes Trail

Yosemite / Alta Peak Trailhead

The Lakes Trail to Pear Lake can be done as either an overnight stay or a day hike.

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Hike to Tokopah Falls in Sequoia National Park

Yosemite / Tokopah Falls Trail

This hike starts from the Lodgepole area of Sequoia National Park. Parking is easy at the easternmost end of the paved road prior to entering the campground.

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Hike to Lower Monarch Lake

Yosemite / Sawtooth Trailhead

The drive takes about 90 minutes to get to the trailhead from Three Rivers, CA so plan accordingly and make sure you get there early.

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Summit Mt. Gould

Yosemite / Onion Valley Campground

Starting at 9,200 feet at Onion Valley Campground, take Kearsarge Pass Trail. The hike begins immediately with a substantial increase in elevation, switchbacking up the mountain.

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Hike to Meysan Lake

Yosemite / Meysan Lake Trailhead

Meysan Lakes Trail is located on the ever popular Whitney Portal Road. Park on the side of the road next to the Whitney Portal Campground.

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Hike Cassidy Arch

Utah / Cassidy Arch Trailhead

Follow the scenic road just past the Fruita Campground to the first dirt road on the left.

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Hike to Diamond Fork (Fifth Water) Hot Springs

Utah / Three Forks Trailhead

When you hike out to Diamond Fork aka Fifth Water hot springs, get ready for an amazing experience! The lower fall is visible from the main pool.

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Walk the Swiftcurrent Nature Trail, Glacier National Park

Montana / Swiftcurrent Nature Trail

Walking in either direction, the trail is easy to follow.

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Hike to Cracker Lake

Montana / Many Glacier

The 6.1 mile (12.

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Hike to Iceberg Lake, Glacier National Park

Montana / Iceberg Lake Trail

The 9.7-mile out-and-back trail starts in the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park, near the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn.

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Backpack Glacier's North Circle Route (North East Section)

Montana / Iceberg Lake Trail

Planning & Preparations As amazing as this trek is, it's certainly not without its challenges, and the first one you will run into is obtaining a backcountry permit for camping.

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Hike Grinnell Glacier in Glacier NP

Montana / Grinnell Glacier Trailhead

The Grinnel Glacier Hike begins at the Grinnell Glacier Trailhead just past the Many Glacier Lodge. A fee of $25 is required to enter Glacier National Park for a seven-day pass.

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Hike to Grinnell Lake

Montana / Grinnell Glacier Trail

The hike to Grinnell Lake begins at the Grinnell Glacier Trailhead, approximately 0.5 miles past Many Glacier Hotel in the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park.

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Hike to Swiftcurrent Lookout

Montana / Swiftcurrent Pass Trail

Take this beautiful hike up Swiftcurrent Mountain to the Fire Lookout (8436 ft). The hike is 7.1 miles one-way from from the Swiftcurrent Inn parking lot trailhead.

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Hike the Rocky Point Trail, Glacier NP

Montana / Fish Creek Campground

From the trailhead, just past Fish Creek Campground on the North Fork Road, begin strolling along the trail towards Rocky Point.

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Climb Mount Gould

Montana / Mount Gould Approach

The climb to the summit of Mount Gould begins at the "Big Bend" on the Going-to-the-Sun Highway in Glacier National Park.

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Hike Piegan Pass, Glacier NP

Montana / Siyeh Bend Trail

Beginning the hike from the Siyeh Bend Trail, off of the Going-to-the-Sun Road, follow the signage through a few forks in the trail toward Piegan Pass.

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Backcountry Camp at Gunsight Lake

Montana / Jackson Glacier Outlook

How to Get There: Get your backcountry pass at the St. Mary visitor center and then head over to the hike, which begins from the Jackson Glacier Overlook, located 12.

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Hike the Highline Trail, Glacier National Park

Montana / Highline Loop Trailhead

Starting at the top of Logan Pass at the visitor's center, walk across the street to the well marked Highline Loop Trailhead.

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Hike Reynolds Mountain, Glacier NP

Montana / Logan Pass Visitor Center

Reynolds Mountain stands high above the Logan Pass Visitors Center. Because of it's easy location, be prepared to get caught in the heavy rush of tourists on the way up.

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Hike Dragon's Tail Ridge

Montana / Logan's Pass

Starting from Logan's Pass, make your way along the boardwalk that leads to the Hidden Lake Overlook.

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Hike to Glacier National Park's Hidden Lake

Montana / Logan Pass

One of Glacier National Park’s most accessible gems, the overlook for Hidden Lake is just a short distance from the Logan Pass Visitors Center, but the views along the way make this perhaps the best .

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