Wonder Falls

I went on a foggy day so there were less people around, but that meant it was a little slippery around the falls. The water flow was gushing though and was stunning. I set up my hammock between two trees and had a great view of it, as well as the lovely tree tops above me when I wanted to lay back and relax. It was a short hike with a rewarding end, and there's several other hikes nearby to keep the nature fun going.

Steelhead Fun

This was a short hike between the gorgeous rock walls of Oregon. I only went to the falls, even though you can continue on, and I was able to sit and enjoy it for a while with no one else around. The cliff is a decent height and if you're feeling up to it, the waters are deep enough to jump into. I did this in June and it was a little chilly when I climbed out of the water but the adrenaline kept me warm enough. In summary, it's great short hike with a beautiful waterfall and a nice place to swim.

Jay Hippy

over 3 years ago

Elusive Phantom Falls

I did this hike the weekend after Easter and thank goodness there were people there to point us in the right direction because I would've never found it otherwise. They basically said to walk straight out into the field, taking a left at the fence until there's a break in it to cross over and it worked out, though the field is so vast it'd be easy to wander aimlessly for a while. Along the way there was a plethora of gorgeous wildflowers and other falls to look at. When getting near to Phantom Falls there's gorgeous viewpoints of them and the canyon to welcome you to your destination. My friend and I climbed down to the bottom of the falls, using the rope to assist us, and saw a rattlesnake down at the bottom so beware! He was just sunbathing on the warm rocks but it was scary none the less. There's a nice pool to sit around and rest, while watching the water fall from above. It was also much cooler down there so was a great way to let my body recover from the heat. We got a little misguided on the way back but I couldn't complain because it's flat terrain and I was greatly enjoying all the wildflower blooms. Definitely want to go back next Spring

Mossy Beauty

This was a nice short hike with a very relaxing place as a reward. I parked on the street outside the entrance to the neighborhood and trekked through. I took a right after the bridge and walked along the train tracks (watch out for trains!) and initially passed up the falls because I was enjoying the stroll. There are some nice spots along the river up ahead if you want to sit and enjoy nature without being around others. When I went back to the falls it luckily wasn't too crowded and I was able to set up my hammock right next to the river with a clear view of the mossy beauty. The view didn't get old for me for over an hour (if you're going to do what I did, make sure to bring snacks to enjoy) and I eventually left because the sun was starting to set and the temperature was dropping. I will definitely go back again on a day when I went to take a short stroll and lay down with a beautiful view to look at.

Beautiful Crags

I stumbled upon this one when driving up towards Shasta. It's hard to miss the crags sticking up from amongst the trees next to the highway. I decided to check it out and it's in my memory as one of my favorite hikes thus far. The hike up didn't start out too impressive. The lot next to the trailhead was full so I started at the entrance to the park, which added some elevation gain to my hike. It was a lot of uphill climb through dirt and trees but once you reach the point of starting to be able to enjoy the views, it's worth it. Mount Shasta is visible in the distance and there are multiple view points looking every which way, making my progress slow because of how often I was stopping and admiring. I did this trail up to the dome last September and don't get me wrong, it was a tough one but luckily I had warm weather with a little bit of a breeze. If you don't mind a bit of an intense hike with killer views at the end of the journey, then add this hike to your list.