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Jacoba Kemper

This “falls”, is more of a serious rapid in the summer. Beware of the giant mosquitos that will chew you to bits!!! Lovely walk, would have been better had we dipped ourselves in Deet before embarking. The mosquitos even chewed through my dogs (pit bull) fur coats. These mosquitos give Alaskan mosquitos a good name. Coat yourself and any furry friends in Deet if you wish to survive unscathed.

Great trail, first falls is just steps from the parking lot. 3.5 miles to the third falls. Elevation gain is so gradual you hardly notice. Parking lot is busy busy busy. Get there early or late afternoon for best parking availability.

The scramble down is not as easy as it sounded. Had our kids with us, all probably capable of getting down but elected to skip it due to evidence there was a staircase and ropes to aid in the decent into the cave, at some point in time. Suspected rock fall had destroyed the staircase but due to the remnants of the staircase being in a neat pile at the bottom of the rocks and graffiti on the cavern walls suspect vandalism instead. Looked like it could have been a fun little hike prior to the destruction of the stairs and rope guides. Do yourself a favor and skip this cave in favor of Boyd cave.

Great cave. Nice and cool on a scorching hot day. Fairly easy hike, cave goes both directions from the stair entry. To the right coming down the stairs there is a belly crawl to continue through the cave. To the left the cave goes for a very long distance with no short passages. Wash board road beat up my car a bit but so worth the drive.

Gorgeous falls, nice easy walk

Enchanting little waterfall right off Highway 6. Very short walk, about 30 steps with my short legs. Lived in the area my whole life and had no idea this was here.