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  • Italy
  • Riomaggiore
  • Riomaggiore, Italy

    Top Spots in and near Riomaggiore

    • Riomaggiore, Italy

      Hiking in Cinque Terre National Park

      The Sentiero Azzuro trail travels from south to north through five coastal towns: Riomaggiore, Manarola (0.68 mi), Corniglia (1.25 mi), Vernazza (2.48 mi), and Monterroso (1.86 mi). The trails are very well-maintained and easy to hike, with beautiful views of the coast, beginning with the romanti...
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    • Camogli, Italy

      Hike from Camogli to San Fruttoso

      5.8 mi / 520 ft gain
      You can either start in Camogli, hike to San Fruttoso and take a ferry back (like we did). Do this as an out-and-back hike. Or take the ferry to San Fruttoso and hike in the reverse to Camogli. Here is a link to the schedule, but always double check. Also, you're exposed for roughly 80% of this h...
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    • Pisa, Italy

      Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa

      The Leaning Tower of Pisa is renown worldwide for its almost four-degree tilt, the result of being built with an unstable foundation. This is perfect stop on your Italian vacation, with lots of great shops and restaurants (I had the best pizza of my life in a restaurant with a view of the tower!)...
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