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A humbling walk through the West Bank

See Palestine with your own eyes through the Dual Narrative Tour offered by Abraham Hostels in Jerusalem. The tour departs from Jerusalem with an Israeli/Jewish tour guide who gives you a history of the area and controversy surrounding the land dating back hundreds of years. With this guide, you will walk the streets of Palestine that are considered safe for Israelis and have the opportunity to explore a space that is half synagogue, half Islamic temple, as the site is devoted to Abraham, the 'founder' of both religions.

Halfway through the tour, the Israeli guide will depart and you will be introduced to a Palestinian tour guide who will take you further into Hebron (where Israelis are typically unwelcome). You will hear about the land dispute and history of the region from the 'other side'. During this part of the tour, you will also go into a home for tea where you will hear families tell their stories. You will also have lunch in another family's home in Palestine. 

The tour requires a lot of walking and is emotionally charged. It is also highly recommended that you have your passport with you. When traveling in this area, it is important to be mindful and respectful of the culture, so wearing modest dress is encouraged. 

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