Bike around Inis Mór

5 miles  - Loop Trail

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Inis Mór, the largest of the three Aran Islands, offers some of the most breathtaking views, and unique Irish history you will find anywhere. Renting a bike for ten Euro, and spending the day experiencing rural Ireland at its finest, is one of the most fulfilling experiences you will ever have.

To book a ticket to Inis Mór, I suggest going online to http://www.aranislandferries.c... This way you will know for sure that you have a spot, and won't have to wait in line. You will need to pick up your ticket from Kinlay Hostel in Galway City, next to the main square. I would recommend arriving to get your ticket an hour and a half ahead of time, just to be safe. The website will give you directions as to when you will need to arrive for your shuttle and ferry. The shuttle will take you from the hostel, to where the ferry leaves. This is about a one hour bus ride. Once on Inis Mór, you will immediately see the bike rental shop to the right of the docs. The rental is 10 Euro a bike. This is an excellent price for what you're getting. The Island is almost impossible to see without it. You can spend your day adventuring around the Island. There are many wonderful landmarks to see, which will be given to you via map. Some will require extra money (worth it). Don't forget to visit the sweater shops located throughout the Island, they are incredibly authentic and amazing to see. Dun Aonghasa is a prehistoric fort perched atop a hill, next to a cliff on the Island. It's a nice little hike, for a world class view. Don't linger to long at any one place, there is lots to see. You will catch a ferry back to mainland Ireland at the time on your ticket. (you will choose on the website), and a shuttle from the ferry drop off location, back to Galway City Center. 

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Stunning Views on a Sunny Day

We went in June when there was a heat wave in Ireland. We were bold enough to swim and my cousins got with 3m of a dolphin. It just swam right up to them. The ruins on the island are beautiful and you can see all the way to the Cliffs of Moher on a sunny day. It’s about €10 for a bike but it is well worth it. By far our favorite part of visiting our family in Munster.

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