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Don't drive too far out on the sand...lest you get stuck. Go swimming!

Walk just a little farther...you will find a point at which the footprints end..and there you will find photographic bliss.

Go swimming! You won't regret it. We also ran upon some Grouse and chicks in August. Great hike.

This trip is pure magic! We did the trail in 2010, connecting into the Valley and the JMT. High season can lead to the feeling of a human highway, but , really, you can find your own space. You just might have to try.

This Hike is breathtaking..take your time to enjoy all that's around!

This is a great backpack---go early spring and you'll be alone!

Even though it is a car tour give yourself all day to do it. You will want to get out often soak it all in.

A Must Stop on the Big Sur Tour

World class rock-climbing right outside your tent. What could be better?

Way Better than Half Dome. Having the vantage point down into the valley and half dome as a point of interest leads to excellent photographic opportunities. Love this Hike!

Thousand Island Lake is the most Photographic Lake in the Yosemite Backcountry.

What an Odd and Interesting Place.

Excellent View

Anza Borrego has so much to offer. Larger than some national parks we have been to there are endless nooks and crannies too explore.

Great spot for getting your heart rate up and enjoying a rewarding view.

Lovely little jaunt. Peace among the southern California hustle and bustle.

You can look down into 3 different valleys on this pass. It's incredible!!

Go Down and Swim in Punchbowl Falls. So Refreshing!!!