Hike to the Top of Lower Mesa Falls

2.5 Miles Round Trip - 400 ft gain - Out-and-Back Trail

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The little-known Mesa Nature Trail leads hikers to the very edge of Lower Mesa Falls. Bask in waves of mist as the water plunges 65 feet to the river below.

The Mesa Nature Trail begins on the dirt road to the Upper Mesa Falls overflow parking lot. The first mile of the trail is wide and smooth. Pause a half mile in to admire the Henry's Fork from the top of a lava field.

The trail terminates at a flat bluff overlooking the top of Upper Mesa Falls. To get closer, follow the narrow trail that heads north from the bluff. 

The trail, steep and covered with loose dirt, quickly descends to the edge of the river. Follow the river south through a boulder field of lava rock until it reaches a small flat rock at the edge of the waterfall.

Use extreme caution to admire the steep plunge of water down the falls.

To admire Upper Mesa Falls without the scramble, drive south on the Mesa Scenic Byway to the Upper Mesa Falls viewing deck.


Dog Friendly
Easy Parking
Picnic Area


2.5 Miles
400 ft elevation gain
Out-and-Back Trail

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Hike to rim of falls

The walk to the trailhead to get next to the falls is about a mile each way. It is an easy walk through the woods. The trail down to the edge of the river/falls is more of a hike. It is steep in places and once you get to the rocks at the bottom, a bit of scrambling is necessary. It’s worth it if you’re up for the scramble.

love the falls!

super easy! basically a walk but the view is amazing!

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