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Two furnished and stocked yurts. 360-degree mountainous views. Mountain biking and backcountry skiing paradise. Ultimate relaxation station.

The Coyote Yurts are a little known treasure within the Sawtooth National Forest. Built and maintained by Sun Valley Trekking, these yurts are equipped with everything you need for a weekend getaway during any season of the year. Adventurers who enjoy mountain biking and backcountry skiing will never forget the turns encountered from the Coyote Yurts and will surely be coming back again!

The yurts are located about 35 miles northwest of Sun Valley, Idaho and can only be reached by car during the summer months. High clearance vehicles are recommended for the journey to the end of Forest Service Road 168 and suggested yurt parking area. If you will be visiting the yurts in the winter time, it is best to check with Sun Valley Trekking as they provide a winter route and a guide if needed. Reservations for the yurts are required through SVT.

At 8,700', the Coyote Yurts consist of two side-by-side yurts with a covered deck between them. One yurt is set up as the kitchen/hang out area and contains all necessary utensils to cook large meals (propane stove, cookware, etc). It's stocked with a comfortable amount of water and tools to make cooking an easy task. The large wood table in the middle of the room is great for board games and large family dinners. The yurt opposite consists of bunk beds. Between them, the two yurts have 19 comfortable sleeping pads to accomodate for as many people. Both yurts can be heated by wood burning stoves and both have lights powered by solar energy. There is also a cozy wood burning sauna for those super chilly days!

In addition to the main mountain biking and backcountry skiing attractions, Coyote Yurt adventurers can also enjoy trail hiking and horseback riding in the summer, and snowshoeing in the winter. Be sure to get up for the sunrise, too. Breathtaking views of the Boulder and Pioneer Mountains climax as soon as the sun starts to rise.

Yurt camping has all of the perks of being outdoors, minus the hassle of it all. Be sure to check out the Coyote Yurts and let me know below in the comments which season you went and which trails you shredded!

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