Explore the Mossy Lava Fields near Grindavik

Mossy Lava Field - Search Nearby - Added by Kyle Szegedi

View one of the most interesting landscapes that Iceland has to offer, located near Keflavik airport and the blue lagoon.

If you drive 20 minutes east past the town of Grindavik along road 427 the landscape changes drastically and you'll find yourself in an enormous lava flow covered in vibrant moss. Take a left on road 42 to get off of the main road and when the road splits after about a 1000 meters take a right onto a dirt road which runs along 427 and eventually connects back with it. There are a couple different places to park and some trails to walk around through the mossy lava fields.

Be careful not to step on the moss! It may not seem like your doing any damage but the moss can die if many people are stepping on it. 




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