Hike Stuðlagil Canyon

5 miles  - Out-and-Back Trail

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This is a 4km hike that leads to an incredible basalt canyon, with a picturesque waterfall at mark 2km.

The round trip is approximately 8km, and one might need to forge one's own path, but the hike there is definitely worthwhile. To get there from Egilsstaðir, drive along the gravel road (Jökuldalsvegur) for about 14km, and you will see a sign on the left of a farm called Klaustursel. Follow the path and you will see a parking area with a white bridge further up the road (it is too narrow for cars, so I would suggest parking it at the area provided). The trailhead is immediately on the right of the bridge. Follow that path, and after about 2km, you will see a beautiful basalt waterfall called Stuðlafoss. Keep walking (you might have to climb over a few gates) until you reach the end. Turn right and follow the path downwards (with the river to your left) until you reach the bridge, and turn right again to follow a really small path. From here, it gets a little vague, and you need to freestyle your way down into the canyon. The path should naturally lead to an area where you can 'rock climb' down. Just be careful of the slippery rocks!

To return, make your way back up and forge a path upwards to join back to the bigger path (You don't have to backtrack all the way back to the bridge). From there, you can slowly make your way back to the farmhouse. 

Impression: Words cannot describe the view of the canyon. It is one of the most underrated hidden gem in Iceland. Although the location was not easy to get to, and there were loads of flies everywhere, I would definitely recommend it to those who like traveling off the beaten path. The journey takes you through private farmlands, so who knows in the future, they might start charging for parking and entrance! So get there while you can! 

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Read this before you go

It is always helpful to read directions https://hiticeland.com/places_and_photos_from_iceland/stu%C3%B0lagil-canyon-in-j%C3%B6kla

Water Not Blue In September!

This hike would have been awesome but when we arrived at the canyon the water was a ragging muddy gray river. The basalt columns were cool but disappointing without the pretty blue water. I read in late summer/ beginning fall the river gets more full and turns from beautiful blue to gray.

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