Canyoning at Raufeldsgja

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Super cool exploration opportunity within a days drive of Reykjavik.

Copule clarifications. The first, I say Intermediate and advanced. The reason I say this is because getting into the canyon is pretty simple. Few rock hops and you will be in a little clearing. The further you go into the canyon the harder it gets. Very shortly into the canyon there are two waterfalls that you need to do a bit of rock climbing to get past. If you are unsure, please do not attempt. The second clarification is I listed "rock climbing" as an option. this is by no means top rope climbing. I simply put it as a descriptive because you will need to scramble along the side of the canyon wall looking for foot and hand holds. 

This canyon is a super cool little spot located on the peninsula just north of Reykjavik. It is an easy walk up to the mouth of canyon, giving you great views of the ocean just across the road. 

Once you enter into the canyon, there is one little spot that you can enter into and hang out without having anything too difficult. 

Once you enter the little cut out on the right hand side there is some more intense scrambling. At times you are hugging the side of the canyon using foot and hand holds to scale a couple waterfalls. If you do not wish to rock climb, I think it would be possible to just wade right through water and try to climb up the waterfall that way. 

Due to the weather and the temperature I turned back sooner than I wanted to. I reached a waterfall that had a rope attached to it in order to scale the water fall and continue deeper into the canyon. The temperature was low and I didn't want to risk hypothermia as there is no way to stay dry and continue. 

Please remember, whatever you climb up, YOU MUST CLIMB DOWN. And the vast majority of the time it is harder to go down than go up. Be prepared to get wet if you do this hike. 

DISLCAIMER! I couldn't find the EXACT parking lot for the start of this hike, but it is just east of Arnastapi, as you are driving back towards the main body of Iceland, it will be on your left hand side. 

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ūü•áTop Contributor

over 2 years ago

Steep hike, best for summer

We tried this during the end of spring while there was still a lot of snow at the entrance of the canyon. We went only a little ways into the canyon-area as the snow was a little too difficult to pass. However, the views from up here were incredible. Located on the western peninsula of Iceland, you can overlook the ocean and the many cliffs and mountains surrounding you. I definitely recommend!

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