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  • Dalvik, Iceland

    Top Spots in and near Dalvik

    • Dalvík, Iceland

      Whale Watching at Dalvik

      Usually I am not very fond of such type of activities as they end up frustrating the animals and disrupting the habitat. However, whale watching in this part of Iceland actually saved the whales as it has almost stopped the whale hunting that significantly reduced their population (the profits fr...
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    • Súluvegur, Iceland

      Hike Mount Sulur

      6.2 mi / 2887.1 ft gain
      From the parking lot the trail will almost immediately fork and you will want to go left.  There will be a small sign for Sulur.  There is a small stream crossing before you continue the gradual climb up hill.  The first few kilometers of the hike will move through a significant of marsh land whi...
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    • Súluvegur, Iceland

      Hike Súlur

      9.3 mi / 3116.8 ft gain
      The trailhead is located at a parking lot south of Akureyri - mark it on your map and it'll be easy to find. Similar to other trails in Iceland, the way up Súlur is marked with wooden stakes which makes trail finding a breeze! If you're doing this before a lot of snow has melted, some of the stak...
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    • Akureyri, Iceland

      Trail Run in Kjarnaskógur

      9.3 mi / 656.2 ft gain
      Kjarnaskógur is the local forest and recreation area in Akureyri and is located just South of the Airport. Great for running, hiking, mountain biking and x-country skiing when there is snow. There is a main 10km loop trail which starts from the carpark and is also lit with lamps during the dark m...
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    • Goðafoss Waterfall, Iceland

      Photograph Goðafoss

      The parking lot for Goðafoss is clearly signed and you'll be able to see the falls from the parking lot. Just take a quick jaunt up to the falls and find your perfect angle!Since it was on the backend of winter when I visited, there was ice frozen into spirals on the rock which was really awesome...
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    • Vindbelgur, Iceland

      Hike up Vindbelgjarfjall

      3.2 mi / 1735 ft gain
      Vindbelgjarfjall is a 529-meter mountain located in Lake Mývatn area, North Iceland, whose formation dates back to the Ice Age. It is part of Krafla volcanic system and is one of the most iconic mountains of the region.The ascent up Vindbelgjarfjall is ideal for those wishing to have a bird-eye v...
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