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The Nakalele Blowhole is a natural oceanic blowhole that shoots water spouts up to 100 feet in the air. The area surrounding it was formed by cooled lava and has fascinating geological features.

Getting to the Nakalele Blowhole is not too difficult. Use the Google Maps location on here to drive to the spot listed. There will be a dirt parking lot.

Warning: If you are coming from Kahului, do not take the Kahekili Highway (Hwy 340) unless you are prepared for hairpin turns, one lane roads, and a dangerous drive. It is much easier and safer to take Honoapiilani Highway (Hwy 30) through Lahaina. Google Maps may try to route you up Hwy 340. It is a gorgeous drive, but only take it if you feel like you can handle it. Despite Hwy 30 being much longer geographically, it actually only takes a short amount longer than 340.

Once you arrive at the parking lot, there will be a few dirt trails leading towards the ocean to begin the hike. Follow any one of them and it will bring you on the main trail. There are a number of ways to get down to Nakalele, so take any which way you choose. It is recommended you wear some kind of decent footwear (non-open toe) as the terrain was formed from dried lava and is quite rugged.

You should be able to see the blowhole from near the top of the hike so you won't have an issue of finding it. Once you're down there, take in the sights of the heart-shaped rock (pictured above) and the Nakalele Blowhole. As a sign on the trail warns, though, do not get too close to the blowhole. It is indeed very strong and quite dangerous, and could kill you if you're not careful. The surf here is usually quite powerful. It is recommended that you try to go at high tide as the blowhole will shoot the highest at this point. For an added bonus, try going at sunrise, when the blowhole gets illuminated by the rising sun in the east. Expect to take about 15 minutes or so to get down to the blowhole and back.

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  • Good shoes
  • Camera
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10 months ago

Fun place to spend some time

My family really enjoyed spending time here. The blow hole is fun and there are a ton of crabs and hermit crabs around the area. The rock formations are neat as well.

10 months ago

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