Snorkel Two Step Beach

Added by John Ditomaso

Snorkeling at Two Steps was one of the easiest and most rewarding free diving experiences I have had.  

Finding the location is fairly simple. If you are just going to snorkel and relax you don't need to go into Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Park. Instead park just outside of it and facing the entrance of the park you will walk down a one way street on the right. You can attempt to park down the one way street but you will have to pay for parking.

There isn't a sandy beach at Two Steps. You will have to enter the water from the lava rocks. It is fairly simple and easy to enter. Just make your way to the center of the rocks and there are Two Steps (more like three) where you can slide yourself into the water. 

When making your way out to enter the water wear flip flops as the rocks can be hard on your feet. Turn them over before entering the water, as they will get hot if it is sunny. 

When entering the water sit down and put your fins on in the water, trust me it is easier. Once ready time your entrance into the water with the surge and enjoy.

There are several things to see while snorkeling at Two Steps. Apart from the amazing wildlife and clear waters there is a spelt out Aloha on the ocean floor to the right of where you enter the water. Its approximately 20ft deep and can be seen with good visibility. Most of the area close to shore is about 5-15ft deep. If you venture out about 100 yds slightly left of where you entered there is an arch about 25ft down you can swim through it if you are an experienced swimmer.

Overall it was such a surreal diving location for all levels of snorkelers. 

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Great snorkeling and hanging out spot on the Big Island

This is a beautiful spot for snorkeling and hanging out. If you enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and/or diving, you can't miss this spot!

Amazing snorkel spot

These reviews were right in target. Enjoyed some of the best snorkeling we have ever done!!! Immediately upon entering the water came upon a group of hundred or more yellow tangs. Saw countless variety of very plentiful fish. Could have stayed in the water all day.

Great Beginner and Advanced Snorkelling On The Big Island

My wife and I read about this place online and decided to try out snorkelling for the first time. It was an amazing experience! There is one very easy place to enter the water and a few other moderate places depending on sea conditions. Once you are in the water there is so much to see! Beautiful, colourful fish, turtles, manta rays (sometimes) and even dolphins if you are lucky. If there are already snorkelers in the water, I would recommend watching where they are and if they are all in one place, there is probably something pretty cool! If you are going to be on the big island for a few days, I recommend paying the $25 for the yearly park pass because it allows you to park your car in this national park parking lot, and later access Volcano National Park as well.

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