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Outbound Reviewed: The Eureka! X-Loft 2p Tent

Rest easy and sleep well with this tent in your gear closet.

By: Haley Baker + Save to a List

When we started getting things together for our 10 day Montana trip (that we procrastinated on way too long), there was one piece of gear that we didn’t have to think twice about: the Eureka! X-Loft Tent.

Since living in Colorado and making my outdoor lifestyle a priority, I’ve tried out several different tents and spent too much time online, drooling over pictures and reviews. When I was given the opportunity to test out this Eureka! tent, I jumped at the chance and was ecstatic to do so.

What struck me first was the way this tent is packaged – there’s no folding and rolling and silently cursing because you can’t get the tent to fit back into the stuff sack the first couple of times you use it. It comes in a duffle bag type of carrier, meaning I could just nicely fold the tent into quarters and set it inside the bag. I was also immediately obsessed with the color – so unlike any other tent company that I’ve seen. The poles are color coordinated with the parts of the tent they attach to, making set-up even simpler.

This tent was the perfect basecamp for our adventures in Montana. With ample headroom for a 2 person tent, enough space beside both of our sleeping pads for books and cameras, and the gear caddy keeping all of our random odds and ends stowed, we felt like we were living in a dream! The last couple evenings of our stay, it poured rain on the east side of the park (while remaining sunny and dry on the west side). We were a little anxious when we returned to camp, because we hadn't really even expected it to rain and weren't sure what we'd find. We found that everything we kept in the tent remained totally dry, and water hadn't even crept into the floor. 

Overall, this tent is a perfect addition to anyone's gear closet. It's simple to set up, is so roomy, and quite beautiful to look at. Check it out for yourself, I promise you won't be disappointed. 

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