Kayak to Lake Allatoona Waterfall


    Added by Paris Robinson

    Take a 1.5 mile paddle on scenic Lake Allatoona Waterfall in Canton, GA.

    Kayak from the Olde Rope Mill Park to the Lake Allatoona Waterfall (1.5 mile paddle from park to waterfall). This easy lake paddle is great for beginners. 

    Waterfall Coordinates: 34.1436403,-84.5330342 

    If it is warm, bring a bathing suit and play in the water! There are also numerous spots to hang a hammock if you just want to relax. 

    In the summer, this place gets crowded so try to arrive early if you want to beat the crowds. 

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    Lots of trash in the water.


    over 2 years ago

    Solo adventure

    Today after kayaking and swimming w/ friends at Red Top - I decided to check these falls off my list. Some areas - the water was plain gross - others it was beautiful. The people around were very kind, the distance was enjoyable, lots of shallow areas, definitely not somewhere I would swim, but kids were swimming at the falls. One guy caught a catfish. I did see a fair amount of wildlife. Turtles, blue heron, egret, butterfly, duck! These directions get you to the parking lot. Once you are in the water go left towards 75 bridge, you can see it from where you put in. If you go the wrong way you canā€™t go too far so you will know when you see you have to turn around. Stay to the right, when you see open lake there is a place you can go to right - i think there were two areas i stayed to the right. I first came to a dead end but heard the falls - just had to loop to the other side of the y and i was there!

    Nice Waterfall!

    This is an easy and short kayak trip from Rope Mill Park. Really enjoyed it!

    Hidden waterfalls

    Super pretty location however make sure you get there early. In the afternoon it gets super busy with a lot a lot a lot people!!

    You Can Also Hike Here

    Thereā€™s a path from the park too if you go across the bridge and turn left, the trail takes you to the waterfall. Thereā€™s many spots to just chill or sit at the top and hang out. Thereā€™s a spot to cliff jump from as well, but when the water level is lower in colder seasons, itā€™s not deep enough to jump.

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