Hike to Raven Cliff Falls

4.9 miles 400 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

Added by Tiffany Lachner

Hike along Dodd Creek to a three-tiered waterfall and views from atop the cliff.

The hike to Raven Cliff Falls round-trip is about 5 miles. The scenery is amazing the whole way through with beautiful cascading waterfalls and running streams filled with wildlife everywhere you look. Along the way, there are a few campsites where during the warm months you'll see many tents set up.

A few of the waterfalls along the way are easily accessible with clear paths and some are a bit tedious to get to, there aren't any clear paths to get to them so you are left having to make a path of your own if you wish to reach the base of the falls. As you near Raven Cliff Falls at the end of the hike, you'll hear the sound of rushing water. This waterfall is different from most others because the water rushes out from a large crack in the side of the cliff. At the base of the falls, there is a small swimming hole where you can sit under the rushing water to cool off after your hike. There is some climbing involved in getting to the base of the falls and if you want to, you can climb up a steep rocky side to the very top of the falls.

The hike is well worth it, and it's great exercise! Dogs are welcome too!

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🥈 Contributor

8 days ago

A favorite!

This is one of my favorite North Georgia hikes. I've taken several "non-adventurous" friends on it and they all rave about it. The tumbling cascades are beautiful and the hike is pretty easy-moderate. You may not get to see the actual Raven Cliff waterfall if it's a dry season but there's so much water along the way it doesn't take away from the hike at all. Highly recommend!

Happy Hiking

LOVED THE HIKE. My fiancé and I turned it into an all day event.

🥈 Contributor

over 3 years ago

Great spring hike

My wife and I hiked this trail in early April, and with recent rainfall the creek/falls were beautiful. I've heard that this hike is very popular and can get crowded, but hiking on a Sunday morning at 9am was pretty quiet.


🥇Top Contributor

over 4 years ago

All Time Favorite

I'm not sure if it's due to personal experience that I love this place so much or the fact that it really is pretty amazing. I've been to this place about ten times. It's my go-to. I'll have friends that want to get into hiking or seeing cool waterfalls so my first thought is always Raven Cliff Falls. It's not too difficult, there are several beautiful sights, there are several areas made out for camping that are awesome, and there are so many opportunities to climb around and explore. Aside from the main fall at the end, there are other waterfalls along the trail. One of my favorites is about halfway on the trail, to the left. However, the trail drops off like a cliff form so you have to shimmy and climb your way down to get to the base of the waterfall. But no worries, it's not a crazy or scary climb. It's easy if you're feeling adventurous. I love this place because not as many hikers go down here. (Still a lot during certain times of the year but compared to the rest of the trail.) There's a swimming hole at the base that's pretty shallow and it's a great area to wade in the water and chill. Several trees nearby are ideal for hammocks, too. I've also climbed along the sides of the waterfall to get to the top, which is a pretty spectacular view. During spring and summer, there are these little spring/summer azure butterflies that flutter everywhere. I've had one land on me almost every time I've been there. I'm telling you, it's a great place. Spectacular primitive camping as well. No reservations required, first-come first-serve basis.

Beautiful Hike

My wife and I hiked this one with our dog, Finn. A beautiful hike, fairly easy trail. There is a creek with little falls along most of the path. Clearings along either side of the trail are available for packing in and camping for the night. The falls at the end of the trail are gorgeous. Make sure you explore around the end of the trail! There are some good views. Out and back. Took us about three hours with a stop for a snack! A good little afternoon hike. Side note: Since the trail's fairly easy, there are A LOT of fellow hikers...

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