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A cross-country skiing adventure in Lapland

If you know how to do cross-country skiing, definitely do this!

This cross-country skiing trail is marked as a black route. As complete beginners, we were a little (and really I mean a lot) out of our comfort zone (we're experienced alpine skiers so we were naïve enough to think we'd be ok), but if you've already got some skills, it's absolutely beautiful!

The trail starts at the bottom of the main downhill skiing area in Levi at the far left area from Zero Point. You'll find some signs where the trails start. The first part of the trail is pretty mellow and flat, which takes you towards the golf course.

Follow the trail as it winds through the golf course, and up and down through some woodland area. When you get close to the reindeer farm, you'll see signs for Sammun Tupa. Be careful on the last downhill stretch to the farm, as the track ends and it meets the road. At the farm you'll find a cafe where you can warm up with some delicious warm berry juice and a pasty.

As we were exhausted, we decided to take the trail to the South Point ski area and from there get the bus back to Levi, but if you've still got the leg strength, you can ski the full loop all the way back to town.

More details on the cross country trails can be found here.

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