Take a Winter Stroll in Levi in Finnish Lapland

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Explore the frozen landscape on foot

From the tourist office in the centre of Levi ski resort, follow the road down towards the woods and the lake. 

When you're walking, be careful of the snowmobiles. The footpaths are split in half and one side is for pedestrians and the other side of for snowmobiles.

After about 350m you'll come to a beautiful stream that's partially frozen. A few meters further and you'll reach the frozel Immeljärvi lake.

Over the winter months you can walk across the lake, and it's safe to do so. You'll see snowmobiles and cross country skiers also crossing it. Make sure you don't get in their way (it's also forbidden to walk on the cross country trails as they spend lots of time specially preparing the tracks).

Walking in Lapland in the winter, the temperatures are incredibly cold. It was like nothing I'd ever experienced before (and we live in the Alps so we experience cold winters too). Make sure you wear plenty of warm layers and keep as much skin covered as possibly. A hat and gloves are an absolute must, and if you have something for around your face that won't get too wet when you breathe on it (because your breath condenses and freezes almost instantly), take that too.

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