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Evenne Fields

Spending a day hiking, camping and floating on the buffalo river is always a memorable one. Some of my favorite days and memories have taken place here.

This is a great place for cliff jumping. The river is ice cold, but it’s very invigorating. The backdrop with the falls is great for some epic photos too

Very easy hike, it’s all uphill on the way, but it’s not very long. The waterfall is beautiful. Also in the winter it is frozen and that’s worth seeing too.

probably one of the cooler things I’ve done. We kayaked all the way to the very end of the lake inside the canyon, which was beautiful. We beached our kayaks in the narrow canyon and walked in quite a ways. It looks a lot like antelope canyon, but we didn’t encounter one person and we were able to explore all we wanted. I would highly recommend this for those of you who would like to avoid tourists.

We did this hike at sunrise and it was the best. A lot less tourists than later in the day, and seeing the canyon slowly fill with light was breathtaking.

Probably one of the best hikes with the most beautiful views. You can see several fellow peaks and lakes. The pools at the top are so blue and it contrasts beautifully with the red rock

I did this hike in the winter, which was very cool. The waterfall, while not frozen, was rushing and so very blue. The road to drive up there was closed so we hiked all the way in from the main road. It was a long hike but the end was worth it.

The hand tram was the best part of this hike! It was overall very scenic and not too intense. Would definitely recommend 👍🏻

Hands down the dreamiest most magical place I’ve ever been! I could’ve spent days here. I hope to go back one day

This hike was awesome. There are so many really cool things to see along the way. It gets a little sketchy at a couple spots, but totally worth it. It’s probably best in the spring when the water is running, but very rarely is there a waterfall coming out of the eye itself.