Douglas Leipold

Good but Crowded

I think the theme is similar to what others have mentioned... 3 different pools. Nice but not very large, so can get crowded quickly! Definitely worth a “check out” but not something I would go back to any time soon. Kinda a been there done that...

Plan appropriately/timing is everything

I agree with all of the other reviews...definitely a must do if in Zion NP. Have hiked a half-dozen times. However, planning is everything for this hike! As noted to get into some of the most serene locations, need to hike several miles (3-4) upstream, which takes a while. Slow hike in water! Need to get there early (since the tram takes about 45 min. to get to the Narrows). I laugh at some of the pictures posted with NO people...the Narrows is always crowded (except maybe Winter). Walking stick a must! Also ALWAYS check weather in surrounding area...flash floods are lethal in this area (numerous warnings from Rangers..but weather is unpredictable). Again, highly recommend -- but thought I would throw out some reality-check information. Cheers, KCCO!!