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If you make the mistake of believing your friend's cute story of his easy stroll up Long's peak, oh-so-doable in his tennis shoes - well then, you're in a for a painful surprise. If you prepare for the elevation change gradually, not jumping off the airplane from MN and sucking for oxygen all the way to the boulder field, well then - you're also a smarter hiker than I. But oh sweet baby Jesus (the tuxedo t-shirt wearing one), what a glorious hike with even sweeter views. Every narrative change provides a new perspective and a new reward. So painful. But so worth it.

A great hike indeed. I didn't mind the switchbacks and overall found it to be a modest and enjoyable hike from a physicality standpoint. I chose this hike for the views and like most selfish decisions, it backfired. Found ourselves in the clouds for most, if not all, of the hike. Spent the night on Sahale Glacier with medium to strong wind, rain, and sleet. Oh, what I would have traded to get one little peak of the towering Cascades from the top of Sahale glacier camp. Alas, for another time! A truly beautiful area and a fun drive through Marblemount for this Minnesota hiker. I'll be back...