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David Gallo

22. CT based Photographer. Vegan. Good vibes.

I love this hike. It's probably one of my favorite hikes within two or three hours from where I live. The mountain house is gorgeous and the natural 360 degree views from the tower are even better. Great scrambling...challenging but not too hard since I've seen a wide range of people complete it. Fun day for the whole family if you can pay the entrance fee for everyone. Highly suggest!

I did this hike Sunday (8/21/16) and I'm still wondering why it took me 21 years of my life in CT to summit Bear Mountain! Beautiful hike with nice rock features towards the top and grand vistas. I'll definitely be using this mountain as training for larger summits in the future. Can't wait to get back in the fall and see the foliage...It looks spectacular based on your images.