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Dan Warner

Dogwood is a great place to take beginners or small groups. All of the routes are accessible from the top, which you can easily reach from a small trail. The east side of the crag sees a lot of traffic because of its ease of access and nice area to hang out. The west side has some more challenging climbs, is far less crowded, and has a cool cave that you can explore.

Antelope Island has a lot to offer - beautiful scenic vistas, incredible wildlife, and hikes with a variety of lengths and difficulties. It's a quick drive from Salt Lake and great fun for the whole family. If you're feeling ambitious, consider hiking the length of the island.

This hike is beautiful, but can easily get crowded along the trail depending on the time you go. Make sure to leave early enough in the day so that you don't get caught out in the dark - the trail may only be 3 miles, but there's about 1000 feet of elevation gain per mile. Just before you get to the top there is a short section that cuts through a boulder field, but nothing technical. A lot of climbers know this lake because of the iconic Sundial Peak that sits across the lake from the trail. Trekking poles may be helpful for some.

This is one of the classic day hikes in Salt Lake City due to its short length and easy difficultly level. It's a fun hike to do with kids, but the falls area can be a little difficult with smaller children. The trailhead is easy to find, but be careful about when you go - the pull-out from Big Cottonwood Canyon road fills up quickly because of the popularity of this hike. The beginning of the trail passes along private property on either side of the road, so please be respectful of those who live along this very popular trail. If you're looking for a hike with solitude, this probably isn't the one, but it's definitely worth the hike in spite of the traffic you might encounter.