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Derek A

Really nice park with an excellent day hike. Plenty of camping nearby. Very busy on the weekend, parking is at a premium.

Well graded, easy ~4 mile up and back. Beautiful view from the butte.


Amazing hike! Definitely on the more difficult side, and it requires more than just walking a trail. There is a rock wall to climb near the end, and the path to the top isn't for the faint of heart. The ridge line at the top is incredible.

Amazing views from a well graded, well maintained path. This was a nice short hike on our way back to Portland after a weekend camping on the mountain. Trail is heavily populated by both humans and their canines. The campsites around Mirror lake were nice, though daytime at the lake is quite loud due to the crowd.

Tough hike, though I preferred the hike on the Canadian side to the hike on the US side. The bouldering and geology was more interesting on the Canadian side.

A brief hike that requires a nice climb. It was very busy when I went.