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The stunning Viñales Valley near the Western end of Cuba is a must for anyone traveling to Cuba. Visit historic tobacco farms, ride horses through the valley, visit nearby breathtaking beaches, and so much more.

Located about two and a half hours from Havana, Viñales is accessible via taxi or the public bus system. We took a taxi directly from the Havana airport and paid about $80 US for the ride.

Once in Viñales, there are countless 'Casa Particulares' (Bed & Breakfasts) to stay at. You can book ahead of time (we booked on AirBnB) or find a vacant room when you arrive. It's a very intimate community, so most of the houses will be able to help you reserve whatever activities you want during your time in Viñales. We stayed for two full days and did the following:

- Horseback ride through the Valley - A definite highlight of any visit to Viñales. Join a local caballero and take a horseback ride throughout the valley. Visit historic tobacco farms and smoke a hand-rolled cigar, stop by a sugarcane farm and sip local rum, and end your ride taking a dip in a scenic lake surrounded by mountains. 

- Cayo Jutías - Visit the white sand beaches of Cayo Jutías just 50km away from Viñales. This small beach is not close to any major cities, so it's a perfect place to spend an afternoon relaxing and sipping $2 mojitos.

- Cueva del Indio - Explore this ancient cave by foot and take a short boat ride on the river that winds through it.

- Viñales Mural de la Prehistoria - This colorful mural of prehistoric life painted in 1961 took 18 people four years to complete and covers a rock face standing 617 meters-high.

There are many more activities to do in the Viñales area, so be sure to do your research and ask around once you arrive to make sure you know all your options.

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Excellent Adventure

I was there almost 12 years ago, and it seems like the only thing that has changed is more Casa Particulars. Thanks!

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