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  • Bagaces, Costa Rica

    Top Spots in and near Bagaces

    • Los Pargos, Costa Rica

      Surf Playa Negra

      Compared to its more famous neighbor Tamarindo, Playa Negra feels worlds away from the tourist crowds and beach hawkers. Due to the lack of tourist infrastructure in the surrounding area, the beach is often deserted except for surfers and guests of Hotel Playa Negra. If you're looking for somet...
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    • Playa Corozalito, Costa Rica, Costa Rica

      Relax at Playa Corozalito

      I have been to many beaches in Costa Rica. I have never experienced a beach as beautiful (yet) as this one. The approach to the water is a gradual, barely noticeable ease into the ocean. From my first time here and all the subsequent visits, the beach and ocean floor were completely void of rocks...
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    • 160, Costa Rica

      Relax at Playa Barrigona

      This was the very first beach I found off the radar about 15 years ago.  Every year I travel to Costa Rica, I make a point to return to Barrigona.  While there are a few people, mostly locals, that go to this beach, many times I have been the only person here.  On several occasions I've found tur...
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