Hike the Tower Trail to the Blue Trail at Sleeping Giant SP

Connecticut Tower Path Trailhead

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Charming woods, blocky rock outcrops, and sweeping views from the high points of this beautiful trail make for satisfying trek through the outdoors. 

Sleeping Giant State Park is a place very close to my heart. I spent 4 years right across the street at Quinnipiac University and have hiked “The Giant” more times then I can count and at all different hours. There are a few different trails you can explore but my favorite one is up to the cliffs at the “head” of the giant, then over to the castle (stone tower).

Parking can be tricky, the lot is smaller so it fills up quickly but you can park along the side of Mount Carmel Avenue. Once parked head for the main kiosk and use that as your starting point. From here you can take a few different routes. Follow the Tower Trail (switchback) straight ahead of you if you are looking for and easy gradual incline. Those looking for a narrower, rocky, secluded trail, if you head northwest from the kiosk you can pick up the White blazed trail. Both trails end up connecting so it just depends on your hiking preference.

After approximately a mile the trail levels off, be on the lookout for where the Light Blue blazed trail intersects the Tower Trail. At the intersection you want to turn left and follow the Light Blue markers. Now, there are two different routes you can take with the Light Blue trail. After about 150 yards, on your left will be a big rock scrambling section, with Light Blue markers, you can climb up (a lot of fun). If you aren’t looking for any scrapes or bruises, continue straight ahead following the Light Blue markers.

When you reach the top explore all of the different sections and overlooks. There are some areas that are a bit more private then others and great for a lunch spot. The overlooks are spectacular and on clear days you can see all the way to the Long Island Sound. For you rock climbers, you are allowed to climb these cliffs. The park does not post conditions so it is a climb at your own risk.

After you’ve finished taking n the views, head back down the blue trail until you reach the intersection with the Tower Trail. Go straight across and continue following the Light Blue trail all the way to the castle. For those who enjoy bouldering, you’ll be making multiple stops on this part of the hike. Finally, the castle (stone tower) appears and you are able to explore inside and walk up the ramps to the top which provide a nice view to the east.

Once you’ve explored the castle (stone tower) head back the way you came and take either the Light Blue trail back to the Tower Trail intersection or just jump on the Tower Trail and it will lead you back down to the parking lot.

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5 months ago

Great park & great trail!

I loved this trail when I visited Sleeping Giant. The lookout tower at the top of the trail is seriously more like a castle, and the views are spectacular. Definitely worth a visit!

5 months ago

about 1 year ago

Sleeping Giant Rocks!

Sleeping Giant is one of the best hiking areas in the state. The tower trail is a nice winter trail, or introductory trail to this park. The trail is loaded with switchbacks so it's never too steep, great for bringing the family or a nice relatively easy day hike.

about 1 year ago


Photography, Hiking

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Year Round

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3 Miles

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518 Feet



Dog Friendly
Easy Parking
Family Friendly
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