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Colin Menzies

New Zealander residing in Canada. Adventurer, Global Traveller, Husband, Dad. 
 Fitness Trainer with a passion for all things outdoors. I'm inspired by people who inspire others. There is an adventure upon every rock and in every tree, you just need to go and see.

Nice easy trail for an hours run. About 10km round trip. All forested with wide pathway. Very peaceful and scenic. An easy to get to out of the way lakeside walk/run from Victoria.

If leaving at 2am to travel in a rickety old hi-ace van packed full of dreary weary travellers over potholed roads wasn't a wake up call the 2000+ steps to the top of Mt Sinai certainly were! The sunrise was beyond belief and this trip up this sacred mountain is one that will stay with me forever.

Fantastic walk from the West Coast to Golden Bay region. Beach walk through rainforest on the first day to Heaphy hut. Great spot for river swimming right at the huts front door. Pretty tough hill climb on day two. Gets easy from there though. Great huts to stay in. Take sandfly repellant for the west coast leg as they can be ferocious! (Think flying piranhas!) Had 3 days a beaut weather but it can close in quick so be prepared. Make sure you have some transport sorted from the northern end into Nelson before starting out.

This is probably one of the most scenic hiking trails there is. Easy gradient, never over 100mtr on very well maintained tracks. Great lodgings along the way with lots of friendly hikers to sit and chat with at day's end but the trail is not crowded, often you are walking alone for hours without seeing others. Plenty of forest, golden sand beaches, warm water, cozy inlets, hidden holiday homes, tidal crossings to keep you engaged in nature. We saw dolphins and seals swimming close to shore. Took my wife here on her first visit to New Zealand, she loved it! One of New Zealand's famous "Great Walks".